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How can I get involved at Creative Cloudhouse?
There are no limitations in the ways you can get involved with us at Creative Cloudhouse. Simply use the contact form and ask us about projects and the ways to collaborate, or throw your own ideas at us.

Why are certain artworks only visible in the 'Gallery' and not available at 'The Cloudhouse Store'?
Some artworks might only be visible in the Gallery as they already have been sold or given away from The Cloudhouse Store.

Will sold oil paintings return to The Cloudhouse Store?
No. Each artwork is unique and no second version exist.

Why can't I determine the receipient of my donation when I purchase a product?
We constantly improve the accessibility of our store and its navigation. For now, we have each artwork pre-connected to a organisation or campaign we will donate towards to. However, when you make a purchase, you can use the comment box to inform us if you would like your donation to go to a different receipient. If you decide to change the receipient, please note that you can only change it to another one of our selected organisations and campaigns. See 'Who We Support' for a list of the available choices.


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